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October 17-19, 2019 in Nashville, TN

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The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health is an organization of health care leaders and health professionals dedicated to the relationship of oral health and whole body health. Its vision is to improve inter-disciplinary healthcare and collaboration, and the health of people everywhere by changing public and professional awareness of the mouth-body health links.

AAOSH Connect Newsletter - March 2019

Incorporating Oral Systemic Health In Your Practice

Educating patients on oral systemic health helps them to understand the connection between oral health and overall wellness. When patients connect these dots they become...
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The Laser-Systemic Connection: A Physician’s Perspective

I was recently invited to give the keynote address at the upcoming annual meeting of the Academy of Laser dentistry. Why? Because this year’s theme...
healthy foods for nutrition plan

One size does not fit all – finding your personal nutritional plan

“Good fats are good for your body” - we hear and read this statement all the time. Walnuts, MTC oil, and extra-virgin olive oil are...
Soda, Sugar, and Chronic Disease

Sugar, Soda Pop, and its Impact on Chronic Disease

What Really Causes Heart Disease? In the article “World Renown Heart Surgeon Speaks Out on What Really Causes Heart Disease” [1] Dr. Dwight Lundell, a...
Mark Cannon

Mark Cannon’s Probiotics Presentation at the 2018 Scientific Session

Thanks to Dr. Mike Milligan and for capturing this recording of Mark Cannon's workshop presentation at the 2018 Scientific Session. Want to see more...
Complete Health Practice Book

Be the Go-To Authority on Complete Health in Your Community

Increase case acceptance, boost referrals and become the #1 authority in the dental industry.    Learn how to become a published author on Complete Health Dentistry...
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Make Prevention Profitable

Getting Your Patients To Say YES To Treatment A patient’s resistance to accepting dental treatment can prevent them from getting the care they need.  These...

Mouth Bacteria May Predict Child’s Obesity Risk

The kind of oral bacteria—even the good kind—in a two-year-old’s mouth may predict their weight gain, a new study reports. The findings suggest this understudied...

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