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Mark Cannon

Mark Cannon’s Probiotics Presentation at the 2018 Scientific Session

Thanks to Dr. Mike Milligan and for capturing this recording of Mark Cannon’s workshop presentation at the 2018 Scientific Session. Want to see more videos? Pre-order the AAOSH, AAPMD, and joint lecture video recordings in the AAOSH Store!

Complete Health Practice Book

Be the Go-To Authority on Complete Health in Your Community

Increase case acceptance, boost referrals and become the #1 authority in the dental industry.    Learn how to become a published author on Complete Health Dentistry and let us help you take you and your practice to the next level! A patient’s resistance to accepting dental treatment can prevent them from getting the care they need…

Jared Van Ittersum Webinar

3 Steps to Thrive, not just Survive, the Upcoming Dental Crisis

Course Description This webinar summarizes the current state of the industry – the associate drought, the rise of PE Groups and DSO’s, the PPO explosion – and how individual practitioners and emerging DSO’s can take three steps to not only protect themselves, but stay ahead and thrive in the fastest changing era dentistry has ever…

doctor patient talking

Make Prevention Profitable

Getting Your Patients To Say YES To Treatment A patient’s resistance to accepting dental treatment can prevent them from getting the care they need.  These barriers often include cost, fear of treatment, lack of dental education and more. Understanding how a patient moves through the treatment decision-making process empowers dental practices to address the patient’s…

Wayne Sodano Webinar

Oral Dysbiosis: Systemic Consequences and Novel Botanical Interventions

Course Description Like “leaky gut”, imbalanced flora in the oral cavity leads to systemic dissemination of pathogens, biofilm transport, inflammation and other complications. In pilot studies utilizing botanical medicine, particularly liposomal formulations, improvement in periodontal tissue has been confirmed, and is an exciting development in oral health care. In this presentation Dr. Sodano will review…

Gary Kadi webinar - Create a happy team that implements sustainable results

Create a Happy Team that Implements Sustainable Results

Course Description Improve your patient experience & empower your team by implementing the Complete Health™ Business Model in your practice and its role in eliminating reoccurring issues that dental teams face – including low case acceptance, broken appointments, misaligned team, and new patient acquisition. You’re experiencing one or more of these issues: High Team Turnover Changes in Your…

patti dimatteis webinar feature

How Oral Care Probiotics Can Enhance Your Patients’ Oral-Systemic Health

Course Description This course will take you through the origin of oral care probiotics, brief science and mechanism of action, how they work, what their benefits are, how they are best used daily and finally, how they will enhance the success of dental treatments and procedures. Learning Objectives Attendees will learn What are oral care…


Mouth Bacteria May Predict Child’s Obesity Risk

The kind of oral bacteria—even the good kind—in a two-year-old’s mouth may predict their weight gain, a new study reports. The findings suggest this understudied collection of microorganisms could serve as an early indicator for childhood obesity, according to the paper, which appears in Scientific Reports. “One in three children in the United States is overweight…

Vitamin C: A Basic Treatment for All Pathology, a Webinar Presented by Dr. Thomas Levy on September 19 2018

Vitamin C: A Basic Treatment for all Pathology

Course Description The webinar will aim to discuss increased oxidative stress, especially intracellularly, as the final common denominator in both the etiology and progression of all chronic diseases. The role of toxins as pro-oxidants, along with the counteracting roles of antioxidants such as vitamin C, will be discussed. It will be pointed out that all…

DNA analysis of Root Canal cavitations also indicated the benefit of using liposomal botanicals in the Dentalcidin™ oral care solution as an adjunct in treatment.

The Oral Microbiome: Mucosal Integrity and the Systemic Consequences of Oral Dysbiosis

“The healthy human mouth is one of the most heavily colonized parts of the body containing hundreds of different bacterial, viral, and fungal species.”[1] Under normal conditions, the oral microbiome exists in a symbiotic relationship with the host and offers beneficial effects to the host similar to the other areas of the body such as…

Jeffrey Hindin, DDS Webinar: Heart Rate Variability & Its Effects on Orofacial Pain, Sleep Disorders, and Dental Treatment

Heart Rate Variability & Its Effects on Orofacial Pain, Sleep Disorders, and Dental Treatment

Course Description Monitoring physiologic function during treatment of orofacial pain, sleep disorders and dental treatment shows effect on autonomic nervous system function and allows for objective analysis of treatment. In this webinar, Dr. Jeffrey Hindin will discuss heart rate variability and how it affects patient care and treatment outcomes. Learning Objectives In this webinar, we will…

Oh Baby! Welcome to Total Health Dentistry for Infants and Children

Oh Baby! Welcome to Total Health Dentistry for Infants and Children

Course Description Dental professionals have the potential to change the health decline of America’s youth.  Dr. Susan will explain how integrating infant and pediatric focused programs will bolster your oral-systemic practice like nothing you have yet experienced!  Join us and learn how the influx of young, health-seeking families will help you reduce your dependency on…