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AAOSH Fellowship Program

The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health has been working consistently since its inception to spread public and professional education and awareness surrounding the burgeoning field of oral-systemic health.

In an effort to distinguish those of our members who have remained constantly engaged in continuing their oral-systemic education, we have established a fellowship program with three distinct levels that distinguish to patients and colleagues that rigorous qualifications for fellowship have been met: Fellow, Master Fellow, and Diplomat.

Members who fulfill their fellowship criteria by September 17, 2018 will be designated Charter Fellow Members.

Why Become an AAOSH Fellow?

  • Use of the FAAOSH, MAAOSH, DAAOSH distinction
  • Professional recognition of your commitment to oral-systemic health
  • Badge on your AAOSH Member Directory profile indicating your level of fellowship
  • Acknowledgment upon completion at the annual AAOSH Scientific Session
  • Personalized Fellowship plaque that can be displayed in your office

How to Become a Fellow

There are three different fellowship levels

Fellow - Abbreviation

To become a Fellow

you must complete 70 hours of AAOSH-approved credit hours—35 of which must come from AAOSH Annual Scientific Sessions.

You may use credits from 2011 on to achieve your AAOSH Fellowship.

Master Fellow - Abbreviation

To become a Master Fellow (MAAOSH)

you must first become a Fellow, then complete 120 hours of AAOSH-approved credit hours—60 of which must come from AAOSH Annual Scientific Sessions.

Credits from 2018 and on may be applied to Master level. This process should take at least three years after becoming a Fellow.

Diplomate - Abbreviation

To become a Diplomate

you must first become a Master Fellow, then complete 170 hours of AAOSH-approved credit hours—85 of which must come from AAOSH Annual Scientific Sessions.

Credits from 2021 and on may be applied to Diplomate level. This process should take at least three years after becoming a Master Fellow.

Elective hours must be qualified in the following categories:

**Please note that your fellowship credits should be from a well-rounded mix of the oral-systemic health categories listed below**

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Aging/Brain Health
  • Diabetes
  • Periodontal Health & Systemic Illness
  • Nutrition
  • Airway/Breathing
  • Genomics
  • Oral Pathogens
  • Gut Health
  • Cancer
  • AAOSH Webinars
  • Case Studies, research project whitepapers, and clinical presentations contributing to an Annual Scientific Session
  • Any joint session seminars with ACAM, AAPMD, AAMFM, IAOMT
  • Any AGD/PACE or CERP approved course designed to educate the practitioner on the relationship of oral health to whole body health—including but not limited to exploring the mechanisms of these relationships, delivering emerging evidence or education on the pathophysiologic connection between oral health and overall health, and delivering current treatment and preventive modalities.
  • If you don’t see a course here that you would like to be considered toward your fellowship, please contact the fellowship committee.


Who is eligible for fellowship?
Fellowship is open to all AAOSH members who have met the standards for fellowship.

What does it cost to become an AAOSH fellow?
Once you are an AAOSH member, there is a $199 administrative fee to become a fellow. If you decide to upgrade your fellowship after you have already achieved a lower level, there is an additional $199 fee. 

Will the credits earned to achieve Fellowship status be accepted toward a Master or Diplomate Fellowship?
Once you receive a fellowship, to get a Master or a Diplomate Fellowship, you will need ADDITIONAL requirements new to that particular level. You won’t be using requirements from your fellowship to fill out your Master forms. For instance, if you are going for your Master Fellowship, you will need an additional two sessions over the ones needed for fellowships, and those would be the only two recorded on the spreadsheet.

How do I achieve Diplomate Status?
You must go through every level of fellowship to become a Diplomate.

Are credits retroactive?
You may use credits from 2011-2017 to achieve your AAOSH Fellowship. Credits from 2018 and on may be applied to Master and Diplomate levels. 

How will I prove participation in continuing education courses?
Once you become a candidate for fellowship, you will have access to a spreadsheet that you will update with all of the pertinent information about the courses you attend, including (but not limited to) dates, speakers, learning objectives, CE. Once you have completed the requirements, you will submit your spreadsheet and any supporting documents to our Fellowship Committee for final review.

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