AAOSH Medical Testing in Dallas – The Results Are In!

November 11, 2015

Congratulations Ellie Phillips!

She is our AAOSH Oral Systemic Health Champion of 2015!

elliephillipswinnerFor the first time, at our most recent AAOSH annual program in Dallas, we made available five medical screening tests to assess oral and systemic health. For those who took all five tests, we set up a scoring system to award our best screening attendee the title of AAOSH Oral Systemic Health Champion. We don’t just want to teach oral systemic health, we want to be oral systemic health. We want to walk the talk and discover health mentors to follow. We are proud to announce that AAOSH founding member, and former board member, Ellie Phillips was crowned our champ! She had an almost perfect score of 98. Ellie’s prize package consists of free admission from AAOSH to our next annual meeting in Orlando. She will also receive her airfare and accommodations at the fabulous Gaylord Palms Hotel (the site of our Orlando meeting) courtesy of Xlear.

What is interesting (and slightly ironic) is that our Diamond Sponsor Xlear manufactures Spry xylitol products and our winner, Ellie Phillips, has her own brand of xylitol products as well called Zellies. I guess it’s all about the xylitol, eh?

Here’s How We Scored the Contest:

100 possible points (avg. contestant score was 70)

OralDNA – saliva pathogen test

(20 points possible)
Lose 5 points for every pathogen over threshold. Double penalty for high risk pathogens, Triple for Aa.

A1c – blood sugar control/ systemic inflammation test

(20 points possible)
5.6 and below gets the full 20 points. Lose 3 points for every .1 over that 5.6. Anyone with a 6.3 and above will lose all of their points as 6.3 is knocking on the diabetic door (greater than 6.4 is in the diabetic range).

CRP – systemic inflammation

(20 points possible)
Full 20 points for 0 – .9. Lose 1 point for every 0.1 over .9.  A CRP of 2.9 or greater receives zero points (3.0 is high risk for heart disease and stroke).

CIMT – artery inflammation

(35 points possible)
Lose 1 point for every year your measured artery age is over your chronological age. Soft plaques present lose all 35 points.

Biophotonic Scanner – antioxidant level

(5 points possible)

0 Points under 40,000
1 Point for 40,000 range
2 Points for 50,000 range
3 Points for 60,000 range
4 Points for 70,000 range
5 Points for 80,000+

Summing Up the Testing Results

We performed 356 medical tests at our meeting and here is a breakdown of the results.

Carotid Intima Media Thickness Ultrasounds (CIMT):

121 total tests taken composed of:

  • 36 male participants
    • avg chronological age 57.3
    • avg vascular age 61.4 (4.1 over actual age)
  • 85 female participants
    • avg chronological age 48.3
    • avg vascular age 54.2 (5.9 over actual age)
  • 40% had plaque in their arteries
  • 8% had significant arterial blockage (>21%)
  • 1 person screened over 50% blockage
  • the bottom 10% had an avg artery age 23.4 years older than their chronological age (inflammation red flags!!)


We took 60 OralDNA salivary pathogen tests.  2/3 of those tested had at least one or more of the screened periodontal pathogens at a level that was over the tissue damaging threshold level. Ten of those tested had high levels (over threshold) of the high risk periodontal pathogens.

We took 62 A1c blood tests to screen for blood sugar control and inflammation. Our screening identified 3 diabetics and 13 people with pre-diabetes.

C Reactive Protein
We took 62 CRP blood tests to screen for systemic inflammation. Our screening identified 13 people who were high risk for a cardiovascular event like heart attack or stroke. One person’s CRP was 16.7! That’s very concerning because a score of 3 and over puts you at a high health risk and this person’s score was five times the high risk level!

BP antioxidant scan
We used the biophotonic laser scanner on 51 people to read a carotenoid level that is representative of a person’s antioxidant uptake. When it comes to antioxidants in the body it is generally considered that the more you have, the better it is for your health. The average score was 48,600 with a high score of 93,000 and a low score of 20,000.

testingOur increased level of oral systemic medical testing and our new AAOSH health champion contest were significant advances for our organization.  AAOSH offers the  opportunity to educate and save lives and we want to screen and save our members’ lives first so that hey can go out into the world with a higher level of knowledge and passion so that they can then save the lives of others with this oral systemic screening.  What are the secrets behind Ellie Phillips becoming our first ever oral systemic health champion? What are the secrets of those who had the best readings on the individual tests? Join me on this month’s AAOSH webinar on Wednesday Nov. 18th at 7:00 pm CST for an in-depth look at the people who took these tests and what they attribute their good (and in some cases their not so good) screening test results!

If you have not yet received your results, please email Vasolabs and call Paul at Gums of Steel: (608) 520-3689

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