AAOSH Board Members

DeWitt Wilkerson, DDS, board member of AAOSH
Jacque Russo, RN, DDS, board member of AAOSH

Jacque Russo, RN, DDS

Vice President

Jacqueline Russo’s entire adult life has been dedicated to the study of the human frame, prevention and treatment of disease; helping people live their best possible lives.

As a co-founder of Wellness Works Group, Inc., Jacque partners with health care professionals committed to improving the longevity and quality of life of their friends, family and patients. She employs a multitude of technologies to aid in early detection of risk factors for disease and offer solutions that will decrease or eliminate these risk factors before disease ensues. Teaching others to live life in optimal health is her life’s passion.   It is not enough to live long, but to live long and live well.

Susan Estep, DDS, board member of AAOSH

Susan Estep, DDS


Dr. Susan Estep is the co-founder and co-owner of Atlanta Dental Spa, the premiere provider for cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta.  Dr. Estep leads her skilled team, and together they have created one of Atlanta’s leading dental practices

After graduating with honors from Georgia Tech, Dr. Susan G. Estep received her Doctorate in Dental Medicine from the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry. Dr. Estep has become well known for her dedication to complete health dentistry. Her success as a cosmetic dentist shows not only in her patients smiles, but also in the underlying health of those smiles.

Susan Maples, DDS, board member of AAOSH

Susan Maples, DDS


Dr. Susan Maples leads a successful, insurance-independent dental practice in Holt, MI. She brings preventive and restorative dental expertise, a passion for mouth-body total health, a master’s degree in business/marketing, and 30 years of experience in private practice. Susan believes that helping people individually forge commitments to health can change the face of generations to come. In 2012 Susan was named one of the top 25 women in dentistry and one of the top 8 innovators (“disruptors”) in dentistry. Recently, she received the Lucy Hobbs Project Mentorship award. She is the author of BlabberMouth! 77 Secrets Only Your Mouth Can Tell You To Live a Healthier, Happier, Sexier Life and the developer of the Hands-On Learning Lab and SelfScreen.net. Susan is also co-investigator in an award winning diabetes research project, and is an internationally recognized health educator.

Mike Milligan, Past President and Board Member of AAOSH

Michael Milligan, DMD

Immediate Past President

Dr. Mike Milligan graduated first in his class from Southern Illinois University Dental School in 1978. He practices general dentistry full time. He is Founder and President of DentalMastermindGroup.com “To Help Dentists Succeed,” and of OralSystemicLink.net “The World’s Best Resource for Oral Systemic Health.” He speaks to healthcare groups nationwide.

Victoria Richards, Board Member of AAOSH

Victoria Richards

Victoria Richards has over 25 years of experience in clinical and leadership roles of dental organizations, both within the dental office as well as within large corporations. She earned her BS from East Tennessee State University and has held offices on the local, state and national level of professional organizations, including serving four years on the American Dental Hygienists’ Association’s board.

Victoria is currently the Director of Professional Relations for OralDNA Labs, a service of Access-Genetics, which provides salivary diagnostic testing to healthcare providers throughout the United States. Her clinical expertise is in dental hygiene, with a focus on the oral/systemic connection and implementation of salivary diagnostic testing for the dental team. Victoria has been honored with multiple distinguished awards throughout her career, is a published author and has presented to various groups across the United States.

Jan Lazarus, RDH, board member of AAOSH

Jan Lazarus, RDH

Jan Lazarus RDH, Certified Health Coach, is known as a thought provoking speaker, influencer, consultant and internationally recognized pioneer in the field of comprehensive continuing education in Dentistry. As a principle and President of JP Consultants Institute, Jan has developed life changing curriculum for patients, dentists, hygienists and dental teams. The key foundational element of all of their programs since 1979 has been the understanding that the mouth is a “window” to overall health of the body.

She is passionate about living a balanced healthy life and loves bringing that energy to dentistry!

Geralyn Beers, board member of AAOSH

Geralyn Beers, RDH, BS

Geralyn Beers, RDH BS,  has spent 33 years as a dental hygienist in both private practice and public health as well as many years expanding her medical/dental knowledge through her work as an event manager,program consultant, lecturer and clinical instructor for a leading continuing education company. She is a founding member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association and has attained status as a Bale/Doneen Preceptor, leading the way in Heart Attack and Stroke prevention through collaborative care. As a pioneer for the mission of complete health, Geralyn wrote the narration for “Say Ahh”, the worlds first documentary on oral health. She is the Oral Systemic Director at Shoreline Dental Care, LLC and is living her passion of educating the dental team, developing methods for enhanced care, and most importantly, changing peoples lives through education and oral systemic awareness. She is passionate about living a balanced healthy life and loves bringing that energy to dentistry!

AAOSH Advisory Board

Chris Kammer, DDS, advisory board member of AAOSH

Chris Kammer, DDS

Stephanie Lodding, RDH, advisory board member of AAOSH

Stephanie Lodding, RDH

Lee Ostler, advisory board member of AAOSH

G. Lee Ostler, DDS

Gary Kadi - AAOSH Webinar Series

Gary Kadi