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Litmus Test: How can we tell if you are well?

Course Description Literature suggests that when patients have an acidic mouth, or acidic saliva they are at a higher risk for caries. In this webinar, we will explore how we can measure acidity in a patient’s mouth, and their ability to bounce back after an acidic attack (buffer capacity). Learning Objectives Uncover 7-key elements of…

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Disrupting the Disease-Centered Healthcare System

Course Description Imagine what it would mean for your practice if you Patients became evangelistic about the work you do for them. There is an art and a science to attracting complete health minded patients who want services you are waiting to offer.  It’s a shift in your marketing message and it’s easier than you…

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Ammonia: Health Never Smelled So Bad!

Course Description Simply, there are two types of bacteria that can grow inside your mouth commensal or pathogenic bacteria. When reducing caries and periodontal disease it is important to understand how we can help commensal bacteria flourish in the oral cavity. Ammonia is a great marker of how much healthy bacteria your mouth is growing.…

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On a Good Day We Save a Smile, on a Great Day We Save a Life!

Course Description It has been well established in the research that oral health and vascular health are bi-relational. The role dental providers play in identifying and treating key periodontal pathogens and reducing the oral inflammatory burden is critical in the collaboration between medicine and dentistry. This webinar will discuss effective treatment protocols for practicing evidence-based,…

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Finding the root cause of disease – it’s all connected

finding the root cause of disease

The mouth is, was and forever will be is part of the body. The old model in traditional medicine of treating symptoms and body parts in isolation, is flawed. Pioneers in functional medicine like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Mike Roisen, Dr. Axe, Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Amy Doneen, Dr. Brad Bale, and a host of others are…

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The Celiac Surge: Oral Signs of a New Epidemic

Kathryn Gilliam

Course Description Celiac disease is a serious autoimmune disorder in which the immune system of genetically predisposed people mounts an attack in response to gluten, a protein found in grains and products made from grains such as processed foods, medicines, and cosmetics. This immune system response results in destruction that an affect multiple body systems.…

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Dying to Breathe: The hygienist’s role in identifying orofacial and airway components driving chronic inflammation!

Course Description Hygienists are in the trenches on the battlefield fighting against chronic inflammation daily and if not defeated, over time will lead to deteriorating health, poor quality of life, and even death of our patients. Your body’s primary function is to survive by taking the next breath and will compensate in any way possible…

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Does Ozone Have a Place in Dental Practice? You Bet!

Course Description This short program will give participants an eye-opening view into the complex world of ozone in dentistry. Ozone can make profound changes in many areas of a practice. We can now completely and reliably shut down caries and even reverse incipient lesions. Ozone impacts the definitive management of perio, treats herpetic lesions, salvages…

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