Mark Cannon

Mark Cannon’s Probiotics Presentation at the 2018 Scientific Session

Thanks to Dr. Mike Milligan and OralSystemicLink.net for capturing this recording of Mark Cannon’s workshop presentation at the 2018 Scientific Session. Want to see more videos? Pre-order the AAOSH, AAPMD, and joint lecture video recordings in the AAOSH Store!

""To ignore significant associations and positive outcomes just because scientific studies have not yet proved causality is negligent."

AAOSH Responds to JADA Editorial that Claims Promoting Oral-Systemic Connection is ‘Premature and Misleading’

Jacque Russo, RN, DDS; Susan Estep, DDS; Susan Maples, DDS; DeWitt Wilkerson, DDS; Michael Milligan, DMD; Victoria Richards; Jan Lazarus, RDH; Doug Thompson, DDS; Mark Cannon, DDS; Gary Kadi; Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP; William Domb, DMD; Chris Kammer, DDS In the recent issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association, the guest editorial, “Promoting oral…

AAOSH Leadership on the Dentistry Uncensored Podcast

AAOSH Leadership on the Dentistry Uncensored Podcast

Drs. Jacque Russo and Chris Kammer recently appeared on the Dentistry Uncensored Podcast with Howard Farran to discuss oral-systemic health and the future of healthcare. Listen to this podcast on iTunes >> To learn more about our 7th Annual Scientific Session, visit the event page >>

Dr. Jacque Russo on the Dental Insiders Podcast

Dr. Jacque Russo on the Dental Insiders Podcast

AAOSH board member Dr. Jacque Russo is on this week’s edition of the Dental Insiders Podcast talking about dentistry’s role in whole body health. “Medicine has evolved to become more specialized. So you go to a cardiologist and he talks to you about your heart, your vessels. You go to a dentist, they talk about…

Ellie Phillips

How to Become & Stay Healthy

Each year at our Scientific Sessions, AAOSH arranges for discounted health screenings: CIMT, BioPhotonic scans, OralDNA bacterial testing, CRP, and A1c. In an effort to promote total health and wellness among our group, we celebrate the healthiest AAOSH member by inviting the person who gets the best cumulative results to our next Scientific Session free…

National Cancer Survivors Day

AAOSH Celebrates Oral, Head, & Neck Cancer Survivors

Oral, head, and neck cancers are on the rise. This year, an estimated 61,760 people (45,330 men and 16,430 women) will develop oral, head, and neck cancer. Sadly, the treatment is often worse than the diagnosis—imagine not being able to speak, eat, or work. It is extremely debilitating for those who are on feeding tubes,…


Are You the Healthiest AAOSH Member?

AAOSH wants to know: Who is the healthiest AAOSH member on the planet? Join us at the 5th Annual AAOSH Scientific Session to learn more about life-saving health screenings! Watch this short webinar to learn how to find out about the latest screening technologies being offered at the 2015 Scientific Session to keep you and your loved…

AAOSH presenter Dr. Amy Doneen of the HASPC

Featured AAOSH presenter in the news

One of AAOSH Scientific Session’s featured presenters in St. Louis this September is Amy Doneen. Amy recently completed her doctorate degree at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. AAOSH recognizes and celebrates Amy for this distinction and her continued efforts to help medicine and dentistry understand the place of oral disease as a root-cause for cardiovascular…