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Kids Rock! Rethinking Infant Oral Health in the General Dentist’s Office

If your practice is not enjoying a steady flow of health-seeking young families, chances are the health of your general dental practice is in jeopardy. Kids are key! Plus, rocketing the health of younger generations is the very best investment we can make in the future health of our country! If you and your team…

AAOSH Interview with Steven Lin

An AAOSH Interview with Dr. Steven Lin

Join us as AAOSH President Dr. Jacque Russo interviews Dr. Steven Lin, author of The Dental Diet. In this 30-minute interview, they discuss the interesting information Dr. Lin uncovered when researching for his book, and they go over some of the ways nutrition impacts oral and systemic health. Visit Dr. Lin’s website to learn more.

AAOSH Health Champion Testing

2017 Testing Reveals AAOSH Members’ CVD Risk

While reviewing all of the OralDNA test results for 2017, something really stood out like never before. We were seeing much higher levels of the high-risk oral pathogen Fusobacterium nucleatum than years before.  F. nucleatum is one of five oral pathogens that have been identified as causative in the development of atherosclerosis by the Bale Doneen Vigerust 2016…

Teledontic, Pharyngorofacial Orthopedic Treatment for OSA

Teledontic, Pharyngorofacial Orthopedic Treatment for OSA

Alex was devastated. His best friend Brandon invited him and couple of other friends to go to Disneyland with his family. He and Brandon were inseparable at school, even over the weekends. But Alex was afraid and decided not to go. If he went on the trip and shared one of the double beds in…

Define Periodontal Disease by Its Pathogens

Periodontal disease by definition is an infectious, contagious, inflammatory, polymicrobial disease with systemic and genetic expression. Polymicrobial means many strains of pathogens are present. Each strain presents with different sensitivities to different antimicrobials or antibiotics. It becomes relevant to treating pathogenic infections to know what strains are present to become aware of how best to…

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When Oral Hygiene Isn’t Enough to Address Gum Disease

“You need to floss more!”: The mantra of every hygienist who consistently battles bleeding gums with their patients. Does this sound familiar?  Having been a hygienist for almost 40 years, I have been guilty in the past of focusing on the oral hygiene of my patients when it comes to their gum disease. We now…

Jacque Russo, RN, DDS, board member of AAOSH

Dr. Jacque Russo Elected President of AAOSH

The AAOSH Board of Directors takes great pleasure to announce the election of the new 2017-2018 president, Dr. Jacque Russo. Dr. Susan Estep has assumed the role of vice president. Jacque has served on the AAOSH Board with insight, expertise and energy since she joined it in 2014, and we look forward to her leadership over…

Oral Medicine - Dentistry

Oral Medicine: The New Standard of Care for Dental Hygienists

Can you imagine going to work on any given day and know that another life was in your hands?  Would your perception about dentistry change if we shifted from saving teeth to saving lives?  Would we be inspired to engage each patient with the objective of helping them live longer, healthier and fuller lives? The…

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Prevention & Wellness: Patient Education in the Oral-Systemic Practice

As dental health practitioners, we often see patients at their dental visits who assume that their mouths are healthy because they don’t feel any pain; and yet, upon examination and testing discover that they have severe oral infection and disease. The truth is that how healthy you are can be a tricky question in the absence…


‘Backing it Up’ with Functional Nutrition and Oral Health

Oral health impacts the health of the entire body. You likely already know this! The mouth is a portal to the gastrointestinal organs where the digestion and absorption that we do day-in-and-day-out occurs. And digestion and absorption are how we interface with the food we eat. It’s where food meets physiology. If those key organs…