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oral-systemic risk assessment

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What people are saying...


Dr. Duane Keller says:

Medical problems such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and atherosclerosis are the leading cause of patient medical complications and death. Research has demonstrated there is a link between these diseases and periodontal disease. Research has also shown that treating the gum disease has lowered some of the markers related to these systemic cardiovascular problems. AAOSH is instrumental in helping dentists and physicians learn these interrelationships and how to work together to help the patients receive the benefits of combined medical/dental care.


Dr. Susan Maples says:

With the sinking health of Americans comes an increase in periodontal disease, cavities, occlusal disease, and oral cancer. Dentistry ought to be getting very involved in screening, diagnosis, treatment, and putting the mouth back in the body and helping people find the root causes to oral disease, but also using the mouth to see what’s going on with the rest of the body.

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