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Oral Systemic Infographics

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AAOSH Cookbook A Recipe Book Inspired By Healthcare Leaders & Health Professionals

Many of you have asked us for the recipes we use at our AAOSH Annual Scientific Sessions because they are not only nutritionally complete but also taste amazing! In this cookbook, we have put together only a few examples of the types of meals we share at AAOSH’s Annual Scientific Sessions. We will continue to add to these recipes each year. We hope AAOSH can inspire members and non-members alike to eat clean, organically fresh foods, and enjoy not only a longer life, but one free of disease.

Patient Handouts and Infographics

AAOSH Dental Hygienist Screenings

Dental Hygienists Screening

Oral Systemic Facts - AAOSH Poster

Oral Systemic Facts

AAOSH Oral Hygiene Poster

Oral Hygiene

Facts About Gum Disease Flyer

Facts of Gum Disease

't Ignore About the Mouth Body Connection.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Re

12 Facts You Can't Ignore

AAOSH member handout

Did you know? Oral Facts

CVD Infographic

CVD & Periodontal Disease

Diabetes Infographic

Diabetes & Periodontal Disease

AAOSH_Oral Systemic Health Connection - Infographic - Alzheimers_Page_1

Alzheimer's & Periodontal Disease

Pregnancy Complications Infographic

Birth & Periodontal Disease

OSA Infographic

OSA & Periodontal Disease

AAOSH_Oral Systemic Health Connection - Infographic - How Dentists Can Help

How Dentists Can Help


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Alzheimer's Disease Is Type 3 Diabetes–Evidence Reviewed


CoQ10: What are the Heart Health Benefits?


Cardiovascular mortality and N-terminal-proBNP reduced after combined selenium and coenzyme Q10 supplementation