The Seven Mountains of Marketing

This seven part series discusses successful formulas that should be implemented in each of the following areas of marketing: 1)- Government, 2)- Education, 3)- Media, 4)- Economy, 5)- Family, 6)- Celebration, and 7)- Religion. Each of these elements of society has influence and if approached right will help you develop the preeminent practice in your region.

Capture the Seven Mountains of Marketing to ensure practice success. That is one of the formulas I implemented when I founded my new dental practice in 1997. Because we were able to grow it a half million dollar a year for ten straight years, the lesson I’m going to share with you today is one of significance. A growing practice cannot afford to ignore the Seven Mountain Philosophy. Whereas in our Decathlon Dentistry model of practice, the dentist is trained and has high expertise in all ten disciplines of dentistry, in the Seven Mountains of Marketing a practice focuses on the seven key elements of society that have influence and cause it to become the de rigueur professional practice in their region.

The Seven Mountains of Marketing are (1) Government, (2) Education, (3) Media, (4) Economy, (5) Family, (6) Celebration, and (7) Religion. Included in government are the entries into the professions, the regulations and requirements of practice as well as those who work in and for the government. You see, opportunity is given by government to practice and there are barriers to overcome to enjoy success with this mountain. Plus, think of all the governmental units and agencies and the sheer number of governmental employees in our world today. That is why we need to be an expert in accessing these people as patients and their benefit plans once we are in practice.

Education is the mountain where all things are learned and opinions are formed at early ages. The indoctrination of young minds can begin for the professional practice as teacher when team members go into the classroom and present as outside experts what is beneficial to the young patients. This can continue with participation in health fairs, radio talk show appearances and on to hosting our own shows. Being proactive with blogs and social media output from the practice is critical today as the public looks for education on the Internet prior to choosing a professional. You need to be seen as an educator to be considered. Education is about gaining access to those who are to receive care and developing the attitudes of health and wellness early in life. Be seen as a supporter of educational endeavors locally.

Of course, the Media controls the flow of information and by-in-large chooses the winners and losers by how they portray news in the public eye. For years dentistry was highly ranked as the most honorable profession but fell from grace when the AIDS scare from Florida struck and the Reader’s Digest undercover articles hit the newsstand. Being proactive and creating one’s own media buzz is important to capture the third marketing mountain, Media. Having a strong media presence is critical to owning the Media Mountain. In the creation of your Marketing Action Plan, your MAP, having a footprint in print, TV, radio, website and social media is key.

The Economic Mountain is the business community, the Chamber of Commerce, your neighbors who line Main Street with their shops and stores. Being a mainstay on Main Street is your goal as you develop the marketing savvy to dominate the Economic Mountain. Joining the business community and being a part of what they are doing to raise the banner for capitalism is going to benefit your practice. Be seen as a business person in the community. Participate at the Chamber, the Rotary, Kiwanis, and the Lions Club. Become a resource to them and elevate your sphere of influence. Marketing is all about having influence.

The Family Mountain has as much to do as any other mountain in shaping the behavior of a person. Children usually do what they see their parents doing and are directed by their parents to acquire good or bad habits, especially dental or medical care habits. Health culture is dictated at the family level and what is ingrained into children at home is hard to change. To succeed with the Family Mountain, one needs to bring the entire family into the equation and involve them as individuals in the process.

The Celebration Mountain really means the Arts, Sports, and Entertainment Mountain Peaks. This is a range of mountains that make up what establishes our outward expression of who we are and what we value. The creative energy of people flows down from these mountains and enhances our lives, creates our fun and enjoyment. To shine in this environment we must participate and be seen as a key player, adding to their enhancement. Don’t see it? Look no further than cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic surgery, weight loss, sports injury protection, image and wellness. Healthy longevity and peak performance are hallmarks of the most desired lifestyles. People take action to achieve what they desire, so being seen as one who can deliver will ensure a constant stream of new clients.

The Religion Mountain can be called the Worship Mountain. This mountain of influence is larger than most would expect in that it is the basis of trust, honor, truth and good. What people want in their doctor is also what they want from their Maker. Because trustworthiness, compassion, truthfulness and faithfulness are traits people wish from their doctor, those professional who operate within the confines of established religion or spiritual communities usually see these attributes conferred upon them as well.

Being a bottom line person, you can see that the summation of the seven mountains being addressed in your marketing methods will total up to more rather than less. Ignoring a mountain in establishing your MAP means you abdicate that mountain to be captured by your competition. The mountain is there and the reason you climb it is just that…because it’s there.

In part two of The Seven Mountains of Marketing, I’ll discuss marketing questions you should ask and “The Game Plan”.

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