Corporate Partners

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Diamond Partners

Next Level Practice

Recognizing the untapped potential for better-managed dental practices, Gary Kadi, founded NextLevel Practice and developed the Complete Health Business Model. NextLevel Practice has guided more than 5,000 dental practices through their step-by-step implementation of this model, resulting in over 6 million healthier patients, over $1 billion in increased collections, and thousands of extra, true vacation weeks. Instead of being focused on the patient’s chief complaint, NextLevel’s clients and their teams are focused on their patient’s whole-body health.

NextLevel Practice is best in the world at creating happy teams that implement sustainable results. Dr. Brian Davey, a member of the Complete Health community, is grateful for the partnership NextLevel Practice has provided him with and the support in his personal and professional growth. Through their journey together, ‘NextLevel has enabled me to build a world-class team and develop as a leader. They have allowed me to significantly increase the quality of my life and make the difference I have always dreamed of making for my community.’

Gary and his team believe that dentists have not been set up to win and achieve balance in business and in life. They build success by aligning the team around a common purpose. The barriers to success become smaller when your purpose is bigger.

Platinum Partners

ProBiora Health

ProBiora Health is bringing the science of probiotics to oral care by developing and marketing a complete line of proprietary probiotics specifically designed to enhance oral health for humans and pets naturally. Our probiotic products contain the active ingredient ProBiora3, a patented all-natural blend of oral care probiotics created by Dr. Jeffrey Hillman, that supports gum and tooth health and promotes whiter teeth and fresher breath.